Activity 8.5: The Citizen in the European Union

The European Union diversity of institutions, cultures and identities is an asset –e.g. concerning creativity and pluralism of views- but also a challenge for effective decision
making and accountability. Building on the previous work on democracy and citizenship, an important and difficult challenge needs to be addressed: the causes and impacts of corruption and the resistance to corruption itself. Corruption involves distrust in politics and law and it undermines the working of the economy as well as the implementation of policies. It takes new shapes in relation to globalisation and its implications for democratic governance at all levels needs to be further examined, along with the development of anti-corruption agencies and legislative measures, the links with various forms of crime and the role of civil society organisations in
denouncing corruption.
The EU is a community of law and the Stockholm Programme in the field of justice, liberty and security will enhance such dimension. Research needs to underpin such development by examining the relations between national, European and international law, and between different legal systems within the EU –e.g. with regard to mutual recognition, regulatory approaches as well as the citizens' perspectives in terms of access to justice.
The issue of surveillance is one of constant ambiguity and one that also points at societal, cultural and historical diversity in Europe. The increasing reliance on and development of surveillance technologies calls for research on their impacts in fighting crime as well as on fundamental rights and their influence on public discourses, behaviours and perceptions.
Concerning diversities and commonalities in Europe, research needs to investigate the impact of European integration on everyday lives of EU citizens as well as non-EU nationals residing in Europe, their experiences, perceptions and values. Innovative on-line approaches could be considered in this context.

List of funded projects in Activity 8.5 "The Citizen in the European Union" (as of March 2012).