Activity 8.6: Socio-economic and scientific indicators

Europe needs to be well prepared to deal with the aftermath of global and regional economic crises and their social implications. To develop and implement appropriate policies, it is important to think out of the box beyond the traditional GDP indicators. Better ways of performing impact assessments that can improve policies and programmes at all levels (global, regional or national, sub-national) also need to be developed. Methods are needed not only to address economic impacts but also the social and environmental impacts of these policies.
This should not only help improve the effectiveness of EU policies and financial perspectives, it will also help identify areas of innovative practices, in particular in terms of combination of impacts and comparisons of options for policies.
Such work will need to build on both new and existing indicators that take adequate account of the global nature of the economy and social issues effecting Europe and the whole world as well as national specificities. It must also take into account how indicators and their related methods can be used to support evidence based policy making. Research should also consider the innovative and more efficient means for gathering socio-economic and scientific
indicators made available by Internet technologies.


List of funded projects in Activity 8.6 "Socio-economic and scientific indicators" (as of March 2012).